How I got unstuck with bad eating habits

Cravings. They are the killer of diets being a success, being healthy and in general just suck. But you can stop them for sure. It just takes time and the right mentality. In this post I provide a story personally about how I successfully overcame bad eating habits and eating the wrong foods. I hope it helps you and if you have any thoughts please comment below, I’d love to hear what you think!


As a younger me I was the king of snacking frequently and eating the wrong foods. I was a chubby kid (despite playing a lot of sport!) and a regular raid of the biscuit tin was always on the top of my to-do list. I never really took the time to think about my health and understandably so. I was playing a combination of football and tennis five times a week so never once did any thought of being unhealthy enter my mind.

So how did I change this?


They say that it takes three weeks for a bad habit to successfully be removed and a new behaviour to replace the old habit. As for me this was true, but I think that awareness is a key word that comes into play here. When you’re starting to implement a new habit to replace an old one, everything about it is different to what you and your body is used to. So my tip no.1 is that you have to be self-aware. In the beginning, you have to consciously remind yourself of the new habit you’re trying to implement. Every single day you need to do this until, of course, it becomes a habit!

So that’s exactly what I did.

Instead of eating chocolate digestives from the biscuit tin I waited until dinner was ready after school. Even if mum was taking her time cooking it! I had fruit instead to sustain fullness with minimal calories. Instead of eating straight away after football training, I’d drink a glass of water first and then see how hungry I actually was. I soon realised that I couldn’t finish the bowl of cereal that I used to give myself!

Fruit is your best friend when it comes to sustaining fullness with minimal calories compared to other foods!


I think taking a step back and just starting to become more self-aware is how I started making changes. Thinking back now I can remember starting to read articles and watch videos alike. I guess this is general awareness about health and fitness, but specifically coming back to changing habits, consciously reminding yourself is crucial in the initial stages of changing habits.

My second tip, once tip no.1 has been practised and is working, is self-evaluation of your progress. For example if you wanted to lose weight and you wanted to stop certain eating habits such as eating crisps and chocolate late at night, then perhaps comparing pictures at week 1 to week 4 might be helpful. Pictures in my opinion are better than scales because your weight changes every day due to various factors such as water retention, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing visible changes and your hard work paying off!

See that bottle of water on the right…drinking a glass of that before every meal will promote fullness!


As for tip no.3, this is maintenance of what you’ve achieved so far. The habit is now set in stone and you’re mentally and physically in the right place to continue doing what you’re doing. You may even at this stage consider changing another habit that you might not like, such as your sleeping pattern or amount of veggies you have in your diet. You’ve smashed changing your first bad habit, so why not crack on with another one?

Thanks for reading! Please like, comment and share this post with anyone who you think will find it beneficial.

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