How to build a bigger chest

A big, strong and powerful upper body is what we’re all after, right? An essential element of this is your chest and any training regime should have chest exercises at the very core of that programme. Want to know how to develop your chest the right way? Then look no further than this post! Here I will outline several key elements which you should be aware of when training to help you maximise the progress you make! After all, you want your hard work to pay off!


1.Proper technique- This may seem obvious but it is very common to see people performing half reps on various exercises, dumbbell bench press being one of them. Now of course we all would love to lift heavy weights and are aware that other people can see this, but if you’re doing half reps with this weight then you’re achieving nothing. Leave the ego aside, lower the weight and focus on activating your chest muscles properly because in the long run this is what brings you the best results.

The correct technique should consist of the full range of motion from having the dumbbells just above your chest to your arms extended completely at the elbow. The same technique should also be applied for barbell bench press.


2.Incline press is crucial- Don’t be the one who neglects incline dumbbell or bench press. It’s so important for overall chest development and neglecting it will only leave you looking like you’ve got boobs guys…just saying! Make sure that your workload for both flat and incline press is the same and before you know it you’ll be on your way to a bigger and better chest. Oh and one last thing, dropping the weight a bit for incline press is advised as universally people aren’t as strong on incline press compared to flat press.


3.Isolation exercises for variety- Although isolation exercises are generally considered not as effective as the compound exercises mentioned above, they train your chest in a completely different way to the typical pressing movements. With correct technique, cable or dumbbell flyes can be a great exercise to use once you’ve finished your compound exercises.


As for cable flyes, remember to keep your arms straight at the elbow so that you are working just your chest. Similarly with cable flyes, you aren’t as strong on this exercise compared to flat bench press so keep the weight lower and focus on good technique. Strength shouldn’t be a priority on isolation exercises like cable flyes.


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